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What to look for when buying an investment property

May 15, 2018

Buying Property Management Sales

When you’re buying an investment property, you’ll soon realise that you need to look for different features than if you were buying a property for yourself.  Here are somethings to consider when you’re looking for that investment property: Who are you attracting? Decide on who you’re trying to attract (as a tenant).  If you’re looking […]

Should I allow pets in my rental property?

May 8, 2018

Property Management

Everyone has a different opinion on this topic.  Here are some tips on what to consider before accepting a pet in your rental property. Rental applications have a section for a tenant to declare the details of their pet.  The number, type and breed of animal(s) will often play a role in whether you can […]

Preparing your home for a winter sale

May 3, 2018


Considering selling soon? You often hear people say don’t sell in winter ….. however with less homes typically for sale this means there is less choice for buyers, less competition for your home, therefore a strong selling opportunity. We are still experiencing strong enquiry from home buyers looking for good quality homes so call us […]

Are your smoke alarms compliant?

April 4, 2018

Property Management

A good time to remember to check your smoke alarm and change the batteries is when you change your clocks twice a year as daylight savings time begins and ends. The risk of a fatality in a home fire is halved if there is a working smoke alarm in a residential dwelling.  Most building fire fatalities occur while people are asleep.   A smoke […]


March 21, 2018

Buying Sales Strata

It is important to weigh up the pros and cons of downsizing before you make such an important decision.   Downsizing doesn’t have to mean a compromise in lifestyle.  There are many benefits to downsizing. Pros Financial Benefits – unlock hidden wealth Downsizing helps you diversify investments Improve your quality of life with the renewed cash […]

Keeping Organised

March 13, 2018


Keeping your home organised can be a never-ending battle – Kids, work, sports, family, friends, schedules… Life does indeed get busy. Check out these organisation hacks to keep you (and your stuff) organised. Add a magnetic strip to your bathroom to keep scissors, tweezers, clippers, bobby pins and hair ties on hand Hang your earrings […]

Investors, did you know?

February 27, 2018

Property Management

A Tax Depreciation Schedule can help you pay less tax and the cost of the schedule is 100% tax deductable.  A depreciation schedule tells your accountant how much depreciation to claim on your investment property. What can you depreciate? Plant and Equipment – ie carpets, blinds, dishwasher and ovens Capital Works– structural elements like brickwork […]

Taking away the mystery of Auction 

February 12, 2018


Sometimes understanding how something works can make you feel more comfortable with the process. Home owners and Buyers often feel uncomfortable about entering into an auction process however there are many benefits for both buyers and sellers. Below are just a few tips to help you get started.  1. Research Before entering into an auction […]

Strong Buyer Demand

January 29, 2018


At Mi Property Group we experiencing strong buyer demand across all property types and price ranges. We are working with a number of buyers who are limited by choice with a shortage of properties currently for sale on the Central Coast. A few things to keep in mind when presenting your home to achieve the […]

Is your home summer ready?

November 20, 2017


Clean your gutters – other than good presentation and avoiding blocked downpipes, cleaning gutters can help protect your home in bushfire season Trim trees and gardens to keep them healthy, tidy and minimise risk of bushfire attraction Service your pool – does it look clean and sparkling, are the salt and chlorine levels at their […]

How to make your home sparkle on a budget!

November 5, 2017


Pressure clean external surfaces  – borrow from a friend or hire a gurney and wash down external walls of the home and garage, pathways and driveways Tidy the yard – weed the garden, mow the lawns, tidy the edges and where required lay some mulch Sugar soap internal walls and doors, this can avoid the […]

5 Tips for Landlords & Investors!

October 26, 2017

Property Management

1. Keep your rental income up to date with the market. Ensure your property manager is reviewing your rent for you on a regular basis. A good time to do this is when the lease is coming up for renewal. 2. Avoid major costly repairs by tending to minor repair & maintenance. Good quality properties […]

Is it difficult to change Property Management Companies?

October 11, 2017

Property Management

Appointing an experienced Property Manager for your investment portfolio is a smart move for investors to protect the value of your asset for the long term. Are you happy with the service your current Property Manager is Delivering? Changing Property Managers can be easier than you think with the right process! At Mi Property Group […]


November 10, 2016


Strata laws are changing on the 30th November 2016. Do you know how this will affect you and your building?  Stronger accountability of strata managers By laws Tenant participation Common Property Memorandum Modern Technology at meetings Units of entitlements Three tier renovation process Proxy voting Smoking Pets If you need information on any of these […]

Do house prices double every 7 - 10 years?

October 21, 2016

Buying Sales

One of the property myth’s that may happen for approximately 17% of the market while the rest of the market keeps pace with inflation. The popular myth in Australian real estate is that property prices double every seven to ten years. In this week’s Pulse we test this myth, looking at the number of suburbs that have seen median […]

What to look out for when self managing your investment property

October 15, 2016

Property Management

For those that choose to self manage your investment property  be prepared to encounter overeager applicants who may have: A record of not paying their rent Been evicted from a previous rental A judgment against them for past-due rent Filed bankruptcy Terrible credit Will you know this ? Do you have the resources to find […]

The value of a professional negotiator

August 30, 2016


What value can a professional negotiator bring to your sale and how do they do it? The steps they take are: Analysis Preparation Active Listening Emotional Control Problem Solving By using the 5 steps noted the negotiator will then be in the position to understand the buyers circumstances both emotional and financial which puts them […]